A house is bricks and mortar. Your home is more than that. It’s your space, where the features and finishes reflect your taste, your personal touch, and the lifestyle you lead. Our designers help you achieve the look and feel you've always dreamed of.



This is the time to be inspired. Choose from the extensive selection of popular brands, trending colours and unique finishes. Create your own design statement, and beautify your home and your life.


Our décor consultant helps to inspire you with ideas and creative selections from our wide range of options as well as suggest potential upgrades. Discuss finishes and fixtures down to the finest detail. Let your creativity loose and make the space you live in, uniquely you. We also schedule meetings for you to visit any of our speciality suppliers for custom cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures and to choose surfaces for granite selections.



Cortina Kitchens

With thousands of door styles and finish combinations available, the possibilities can seem daunting. As a full service company, Cortina Kitchens will help guide you through the design process, manufacturer, deliver, and install the finished product in your home.

Energy Star®

Fairgate Homes is proud to be an approved Energy Star® builder. A new home from Fairgate offers improved insulation, better energy efficiency resulting in lower utility bills, and the latest in wiring technology.

Canamould Extrusions Inc.

For nearly two decades, architects, builders, contractors and homeowners have known Canamould Extrusions Inc. as the leading manufacturer of pre-coated architectural foam shapes in the world.

Weston Flooring

Leaders in the flooring industry with pride in the products carried and guarantee complete customer satisfaction! Explore our wide selection of products online or in-store. With over 100 different brands, it’s one of the largest ranges of flooring in the GTA.



Every homeowner of ours, when making the most valuable investment in their life, should receive nothing but the best in return.

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Frame Walk Inspection

Confirm that the dream you have for your home is coming along as you've always wished. This is your opportunity to make any changes you desire.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

As soon as construction has been completed, Fairgate Homes has your home professionally cleaned and prepped for your final Product Delivery Inspection (PDI). A member of our construction team will guide our clients through an inspection of the home, this is done to ensure our purchasers have an opportunity to mark any deficiencies in the home. We ask that our purchasers familiarize themselves with their Tarion warranties and guidelines prior to the PDI. By having some understanding of Tarion guidelines home owners will be better able to identify what is a deficiency, therefore giving themselves the best finished product possible. If however, the home owner has not had a chance to review their Tarion documents this is not a problem. Our team is well informed on these guidelines and we are always honest in providing an opinion on what we feel needs to be improved. We at Fairgate Homes are always our own harshest critics, ensuring that we are never complacent in the quality we provide our home owners. We are always striving for perfection.

After Sales Support

You will receive your Tarion Home Owner Warranty policy and coverage outlining the specific as to what’s covered under each section and when to look for specific deficiencies in your home. You will complete a 30-day form, a year-end form and 2-year form. Once submitted, we process and begin to make arrangements based on the deficiencies list and will contact you with a request for 3 dates when you’ll like the service completed, and we’ll have as many items as possible scheduled for those dates. Emergency Service - in the event of emergency, contact us with the details regarding the emergency and from there we'll give you the mechanisms needed to combat the emergency. Emergencies can include furnace breaking down in winter etc.

Tarion Warranty


1, 2 and 7 year warranties that protect against structural damage and more.



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