Your passion, your taste, your lifestyle, and your unique individuality create floor plans that complement your lifestyle and designs that express your style. Whether you like clean lines and meticulous design or something more ornate, bring your creativity to the process. Together we’ll create a vision of the home of your dreams, and then we’ll build it for you. So it’s not only a home you live in, it’s a home with a little of you in it.


Share your vision, your creativity and your passion. We build unique homes that give families space to grow, complement and enhance their lifestyle and help shape the streetscape and the community in which people live. We put as much thought into features and finishes as we put dedication into best practices of construction. And we put it all into your dream home.




Sales Centre

The Fairgate Homes process begins in the sales centre. Here you will be introduced to our skilled and experienced sales staff. They will guide you through the most important purchase of your life, with a specific focus on helping you find the home of your dreams. Our goal at Fairgate Homes is to provide a warm family experience from the moment you walk into our sales centre, the beginning of your journey through 'The Art of Home Building'.


Tier I Structural

The next step in our process will be your Tier I Structural upgrade meeting. This is when you will have the opportunity to select the exterior colour package of your home. These packages include brick, stone, shingle, and aluminum colours as a single selection. Due to our own architectural control guidelines we do not allow the same colour package to be used within three homes of one another. Priority for exterior colour selection is determined by the order in which the homes were sold. The earlier you buy, the more freedom you will have in selecting your package. After you have selected an exterior colour package, your meeting will progress with requests for structural changes. These changes can include, but are not limited to, increasing door heights, moving the location of gas hook ups, selecting cable hook up locations, and determining the location of pot lights, to name a few. After the conclusion of this meeting our team will begin to gather quotes for your requests.


Tier II Structural

This is where you receive an itemized price breakdown for each request and can choose to accept or deny each of them. It is our mission at Fairgate Homes to provide purchasers with a detailed explanation of each of these meetings at the point of sale, to ensure our future home owners feel as comfortable as possible when they come into these meetings. We do not want our valued customers to feel pressured to upgrade anything beyond their comfort level. Once the requests have been accepted or denied, you begin their Décor Consultation. These meetings will typically happen on the same day.


Decor Meeting

During this stage you will meet with our Décor Consultant, Carolyn. Carolyn helps to inspire our new clients with ideas and creative selections that can be made within their agreement, while showing clients potential upgrades that we do offer. This will also be the perfect time for you to share any inspirational photos you have, or explain the vision of your dream home. We will do our best to achieve these dreams within your budget, while still offering a wide range of upgrades to satisfy the needs of the most luxurious customer. Again, this phase will end with our team gathering requests and putting together an itemized quote to be reviewed by our future homeowners.


Frame Walk Through

Typically, Fairgate Homes offers one (1) framing walk-through prior to insulation. The goal of this walk-through is for clients to verify pot light/ switch locations that were determined in your Tier I structural meeting. If absolutely necessary the client may make changes that may have been overlooked when viewing a floor plan, versus seeing the space in reality. However, there is an additional cost associated with making a late structural change to your plan.


Product Delivery Inspection (PDI) and Closing

As soon as construction has been completed, Fairgate Homes has your home professionally cleaned and prepped for your final Product Delivery Inspection (PDI). A member of our construction team will guide clients through an inspection of the home, giving them an opportunity to mark any deficiencies in the home. We ask that our purchasers familiarize themselves with their Tarion warranties and guidelines prior to the PDI. By having some understanding of Tarion guidelines homeowners will be better able to identify what is a deficiency, therefore giving themselves the best finished product possible. If however, the home owner has not had a chance to review their Tarion documents this is not a problem, our team is well informed on these guidelines.


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